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Sandra Miniere, M.Ed.
Professional Coach

Leadership Coaching from the Inside Out












Leadership coaching from the inside out is best suited for any leader who is

implementing change,

facing leadership challenges or reaching for the extraordinary.

Effective Leaders develop top performers who demonstrate:

Higher productivity

Higher sales volume

Better customer service,
retention and loyalty

Effective problem solving


Extraordinary people accomplish extraordinary results.

To achieve the extraordinary, you must be and do your best.

Your intentions, beliefs, energy, skills and experience significantly contribute to the results you accomplish. Therefore, when outcomes are less than your expectations, it may be time to look within. With a curious, open mind, you will find the insight that frees you from limited thinking. Looking through the lens of unlimited possibility, you will discover creative solutions to challenging obstacles.

If you can remain open minded and confident when you do not know the answer to a question, the insight comes from the expert that you are.

Within you is also the power to attract the extraordinary.

If you do not like the results you are getting, you need to change your thoughts and increase your creative energy. Using the power of positive thinking, you will attract high quality results quickly (Universal Law of Attraction). As you keep a specific intention in your mind, stay in purposeful action and believe the results are yours, you will easily turn your intentions into realities. When your intentions are in alignment with who you are, the extraordinary is within your reach.

If you claim what you want with a specific vision and let go of striving to control the outcome, you attract the success you want.

M O T I V A T E yourself and others to reach for excellence and accomplish the extraordinary:

Make changes that turn your vision into a reality

Overcome internal limitations and external obstacles

Treat others with respect and listen to their ideas

Influence others to be and do their best

Validate the power of positive thinking

Acknowledge your strengths and challenges

Talk from the expert you are

Expand your awareness

Coaching Solutions for the Evolving Leader
Sandra Miniere