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“Leaders must keep hope alive, even in the most difficult of times. Without hope there can be no courage. This is a time and place for optimism, imagination, and enthusiasm.” – The Leadership Challenge, Kouzes & Posner

Comments from Former Clients

CEO, Educational Software Company

While working with Sandra Miniere, I was able to stay focused and positive as I grew my company to a ten million dollar business.

I developed more effective leadership skills to create a culture in which my staff feels empowered. With my commitment to constructive communication, I have created a culture in which people treat each other with respect and appreciation.

Sandra listened and took me through a process in which I changed my attitude, communication style and behavior. By doing so, employee performance improved and profits increased. I value her ability to help me clarify challenging situations, get to core issues and resolve challenges quickly and wisely.  Judith Bliss – AZ


Partner and Department Leader, Large Accounting Firm


Sandy has helped me deal with specific issues and has guided me in the approach that should be taken to make the result beneficial for all sides. Her processes have helped me develop a stronger level of confidence as I achieve the intended outcome.  This includes new processes for the office, issues that have arisen with personnel as well as improvement in my overall career growth to include taking on a key role in the firm.


I really feel that Sandy understands me and can get to the root of the matter in dealing with specific issues. She knows my objective and what I need to do to help the firm and the office.  Mike Aversa – NJ

Partner in Charge, Large Accounting and Consulting Firm

We (three partners) have become more effective leaders in a time of transition. Our confidence and objectivity have improved. We are overcoming challenges in positive, constructive ways and holding the staff and ourselves accountable to specific objectives. Sandra has been a positive influence in our office and an extremely valuable resource.  Jack Nahama – NJ

Owner, Multilevel Marketing Business

Every session with Sandra brought a miracle breakthrough.  We chipped through the mental obstacles one at a time.  After three months of intensive reflection and sustained action, I was able to successfully move my business from a second level manager to Regional VP.  My organization grew from one manager who wasn't performing to 12 new managers in three months time.  I got my promotion and the Mercedes Benz that went with it! 

Sandy moved quickly to what the problem was and intuitively and intentionally moved me through every block to a final victory. Thank You, Sandy!  MNM – CA


Director, University Child Care Center

As the new director of a child care center, Sandra helped me deal effectively with personnel issues and other obstacles I encountered in my position. I was able to stay focused on my vision and motivate my team to accomplish our goals. The number of students attending the center has been increasing steadily, and next month our enrollment will reach the highest it has been in several years. We are implementing a new philosophy on teaching children to learn, and the team is working together to put the new vision into practice. Sandra has helped me overcome my barriers to success. Her insights and unwavering guidance have been invaluable to me. KB - NJ

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