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Sandra Miniere, M.Ed.
Professional Coach

Leadership Coaching from the Inside Out












Sandra Miniere offers individual and group coaching sessions in person or on the telephone.

The duration of the coaching relationship varies based on the individual needs of the client

Fees are provided upon request.

Well, we can only manage what we can measure, so why not attempt to assess some of our key leadership traits.


The nine categories of leadership ability:

Communicate top priorities 




Move groups of people

Provide feedback

Conduct meetings that are focused and efficient

Lead change


By Doug Van Dyke,
Leadership Simplified,


Coaching Services

Sandra’s clients set the agenda for the coaching, and she inspires them to become more effective leaders through:

  • Deeper levels of self-awareness
  • Confidence building
  • Goal setting and accountability
  • High performance patterns
  • Empowering communication skills
  • Conflict management skills
  • Stress reduction strategies

The coaching process enables the client to set goals and implement strategies, gain insights, learn new leadership skills and behaviors, and monitor results. Vital issues are brought to the surface, confronted and resolved. Clients gain insight into core attitudinal, emotional and behavior patterns that interfere with accomplishing the results they want and learn ways to change these patterns.

Each coaching session focuses on the client’s successes, specific objectives to be accomplished as well as current challenges:

Goals: Through active listening Sandra helps the client clarify her/his vision and goals. Assessments are used, if necessary, to understand the client’s leadership characteristics and to create meaningful goals. Sandra guides her client to explore possibilities, evaluate priorities, generate strategies and design purposeful actions to accomplish the desired outcome in a timely way.

Challenges: Sandra offers feedback and insights into a client’s self-limiting patterns or external obstacles that sabotage success. Together they explore possible interventions to rectify these challenges in an efficient, empowering way. Specific strategies are addressed and consequences are evaluated. The client is then able to make an informed decision and commit to making the desired change.

Accomplishments: Sandra encourages her clients to recognize what is working and celebrate successes. Personal empowerment and confidence increase when clients take the time to focus on their strengths and acknowledge past accomplishments. Experience prepares leaders to overcome future challenges.

Coaching Solutions for the Evolving Leader
Sandra Miniere