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by Sandra Miniere


Bring Your Vision to Life:
Picture, Purpose, Passion

Two successful businessmen stepped out of the high power, high profile arena. They found themselves floundering in uncertainty and negative thinking. They needed to rebuild and could not get beyond their feelings of inadequacy and pessimism. Life appeared to be working against them.

In a matter of weeks they went from feeling downtrodden to feeling alive. They got in touch with what they valued about their accomplishments and what activities they liked and disliked. But, it was not until they came up with a new vision that their excitement and enthusiasm returned. I watched as the vision fueled and inspired them to get on with it.

To be on fire with the vision takes three steps: picture, purpose and passion. It works like this:

Identify something you want to have (ideal job), be (confident), or do (run a marathon) within the next year or two. This vision may be a stepping stone to a greater long term vision.

Picture: Come up with a picture that is specific and clear. The picture is a visual snapshot that indicates you have what you want. You expect this picture to show up in the real world. Be sure you are in the vision. When you focus on your picture or speak about it, you feel excited.

"I am sitting at a large conference table with my 20 staff members, and we are celebrating a 20% increase in revenue for 2011. Revenue details are being projected on a wide screen.”

Purpose: Purpose has two aspects—personal and universal. Personal: What personal value is fulfilled when you have what you want? What does having it mean to you (it's significance)? Universal: How are you contributing to the greater good of others and life? Does the vision reflect your life purpose? Feel the power in the purpose and add it to the excitement of thinking about your vision.

Personal: “I am financially successful and a recognized partner in this firm.”
Universal: “I am developing leaders who know how to work together and accomplish their objectives."

Passion: How would you FEEL if you had it RIGHT NOW? Add those feelings to your picture and purpose and feel the intensity in your body.

"I feel energized and fulfilled. I feel like a winner."

Bring the picture, purpose and passion together for 30 seconds several times a day for 30 days. Begin to notice how you feel. Act as if you already have it. Be aware of the ideas, people or events that come to you.

When you feel alive with the vision, you attract it to you. Of course, you also need an effective action plan to turn your vision into a reality. But, when your vision is in alignment with your core truths and you know it is yours, it shows up in your life quickly and easily. Obstacles fall away when you focus on what you want in a state of high energy and positive emotions.

“Picture, purpose and passion” fills your vision with focused, creative energy. As you think, speak, and act in alignment with your vision, you prepare the way for this reality to find you. Trust that this or something better is yours. Proceed with optimism: Show up and do your best; allow the universe to do the rest.

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Sandra Miniere